Indie Entrepreneurs want to build an audience and have “free” marketing on Twitter.

But 90% of us struggle with getting any followers. We tweet for two weeks, get no traction, and give up.

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When I started my Twitter journey, I prepared myself to tweet into the void for a few months. But instead, I went from 0 to 1000 followers in 52 days (hopefully, without being too cringe).

In this playbook, I will deconstruct my Growth System for you. Good news — we will go beyond “niche down” and “tweet daily”.

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The biggest mistake is to start tweeting without a plan.

You will quickly run out of ideas, and your account will be a mess. People don’t follow inconsistent creators that post random stuff.

That’s why you need to plan your Twitter strategy. Let’s start with your value proposition.

Value Proposition

Your Twitter account is a product just like Netflix, Product Hunt, or Google Analytics. It has its own target audience and value proposition.

People don’t follow you because you are building some fancy startup. They follow you because you can provide value for them.

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